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October 20, 2022
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Tips for Searching a Custom Home Builder

In the location where you live, there would typically be many excellent home builders. When searching for the best custom home builder to work on your project, there are a few things you can do to make the search seem a bit less demanding.

You want to be able to drive by houses constructed by the folks you are entrusting the construction of your new custom home. There is nothing that can match witnessing a project in progress for determining whether or not a builder is the right option for you. Even better if you can take a tour of the interior of the builder’s ongoing project because it will give you a great idea of how they might handle the little things that many home builders completely ignore. When you can, pay particular attention to the minute details. Ask whether the builder has a portfolio of photos if you can’t tour any of the current homes

Request past references and suggestions from the prospective builder. Inquire about the home’s builder when you arrive at a house you really like. Even though you generally don’t want a house that is exactly like another, if you choose the same custom home builder, it’s feasible that you’ll obtain a house that was built with the same meticulous care and attention. Remember that by adjusting the appearances and finer aspects to suit your preferences, you may combine the features of those homes that you admire the most into your own..

August 11, 2022
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Importance of Green Custom Home Building

A good custom home builder in Las Vegas would be really committed to building green custom homes. Sustainability would be the keyword which promotes a whole lot of benefits. Green custom homes would bring about environmental as well as economic benefits. Choices that are made today with respect to green building would make a great impact in the future.

One of the key aspects of green building is incorporating energy-saving features into the home. Some fo them include the installation of zipwall dust barrier system, installation of deep overhangs on windows especially those facing the west, installation of cool roof radiant barrier decking and so on.

Water conservation is also a key aspect of green custom home building. It may include things such as installation of water wells, installation of well-optimized plumbing fixtures, installation of rainwater harvesting systems and so on.

The raw materials procured also play a key role in green custom home building. The materials need to be biodegradable, durable, should require low maintenance, resource efficient and so on.

Merlin custom home builders are experts in green custom home building in Las Vegas.

May 19, 2022
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Importance of Working with an Experienced Custom Home Builder

Getting your new custom home in Las Vegas to meet even the smallest expectation of your family’s is not an easy task. Having a trustworthy custom home builder like Merlin to partner you in helping you achieve what you wanted goes a long way.

It is of paramount importance to hire a custom home builder in Las Vegas who has immense experience. If not, the whole project can turn out to be a messy affair. The project would not get completed on time and it would exceed the budget you had set.

An experienced custom luxury home builder will have a team of experienced and trustworthy professionals helping in the project. The communication between all the professionals in the team would be seamless. There would be no hiccups whatsoever and all of the different phases including the architectural phase, the design phase and the construction phase would be integrated without any hassles in a timely manner. An experienced builder would help you come up with a realistic budget for your project. Without a realistic budget, it is impossible to keep the costs under control in a custom home project.

March 9, 2022
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Custom Home Building Has Many Obstacles

If you do not want to buy a home which is already built, then you should go for a custom home. Working on a custom home is an exciting process. Working with your architect to create a floor plan from scratch can be very creative. You need to visualize your new dream home in advance and can be very enjoyable.

However, building a custom home comes with a lot of obstacles. You need to be ready to face all of them if you want to complete the project successfully and get your dream home built as per your wish. It is very difficult for an average person to endure a custom home project as it requires a lot of money, patience and time.

The main obstacle in building a custom home is money. You need to set aside a hefty budget as the costs are high. You need to create a proper plan for the budget and get everything on paper.

Getting the required approvals and permits is another obstacle. Your builder should help you in this process. If not, it can cause you a lot of headache.

January 17, 2022
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Tips to Hire a New Custom Home Builder

When hiring a new custom home builder, it is important to check out the testimonials and reviews of the builder on the internet. If you read what the past clients of the builder have said, you would have a pretty good idea of the calibre of the builder

Once you have shortlisted a few custom home builders after reading their reviews, you need to start talking to them. During your interview, you need to focus on their communication because successful completion of a custom home project depends on the communication between the builder and the client. You need to make sure that the builder is transparent and honest because trust is a very important factor.

The responsibility of finding a trustworthy custom home builder is yours as the homeowner. You should check the experience of the builder. It would not hurt to tour one of the homes that they have built so that you get an idea of their style and work quality. Most importantly, make sure that they have all the licenses required to construct homes.

October 19, 2021
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Importance of Floor Plans for Custom Homes

Creating detailed floor plans for the construction of your custom home is of paramount importance. A good architect will help you create those plans. You need to convey your requirements to the architect properly. For instance, you need to tell the architect how many rooms you want in your new custom home. You need to tell him how big each room should be. You need to tell him what kind of materials should be used to build the house and so on. This will help the architect create a highly detailed and accurate plan which will then help the builder construct the house as per the specifications of the client.

Many clients have the bad habit of skimping on the details during the planning process. Modifications to the floor plans can be made later on if required. But, it is very important to finalize as many details as possible during the planning process. This will make the job of the architect, designer and the builder a lot easier and would in turn help in the completion of the project sooner.

August 16, 2021
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Merlin Custom Home Builders in Las Vegas are Good

Merlin Custom Home Builders is a very good builder based in Las Vegas. They are known to stick to the initial plans created by the architect. One of the main problems with a lot of custom home builders in USA is that they tend to deviate from the initial plan for their own convenience. This can frustrate the clients. Merlin is a company which doesn’t resort to such tactics. This is the reason why a lot of customers in Las Vegas like them.

Clients like builders who are committed to their timelines. Merlin is one company who are well committed to the timelines initially agreed upon. Unless the situation is extreme, just like the global pandemic situation due to the covid-19 virus, they don’t flout the agreed timelines.

Of course, there is one downside to hiring Merlin custom home builders. They are slightly on the expensive side. But, that is quite understandable because the service that they provide is top notch. They deliver high quality services for the price that they charge. You cannot obtain the same quality of service from a lesser custom home builder.

June 16, 2021
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Advantages of a Custom Home

A custom home has a lot of advantages. One of the main advantages of choosing a custom home is that the location of the house is completely your choice. You will not be forced to move into a home in some undesirable location wherein your house is one of the many houses in the community.

You can choose every single feature and every single aspect of a custom home. You control the project completely from the beginning till the end. The builder works according to your tastes and preferences. The builder does not do anything without the approval of the homeowner.
With a custom home, you have the chance of building a completely unique home. Your house need not resemble any other house in the neighborhood or community. Of course, it depends on how well you work with the home designer and the builder. The initial discovery phase is very important for a custom home especially if you want your home to be truly unique.
If you want a custom home in Las Vegas, you can blindly go with Merlin custom home builders.

March 17, 2021
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Materials Used in the Construction of Custom Homes

Constructing a new custom home in USA is not as easy as it seems. New kinds of raw materials and designs have arrived in the home construction industry. A builder should know what kind of designs and materials would be suitable for the new custom home that he is constructing. An experienced builder would know what each custom home require. It would vary greatly depending on the preference of the client.

Some clients in USA would prefer having a wooden custom home built. The builder should have good experience building a house using wood. Not everybody can handle such a project. Of course, the cost of the raw materials is usually in case of a wooden home. But, it is not always easy to build the home that the client wants using wood.

There is something called insulated concrete forms which is regularly used in the construction of houses in USA. These can be a little more expensive. But, again the builder should be well versed in constructing a custom home using insulated concrete forms. Similarly, there are many different types of materials used in the construction of custom homes in USA.

January 22, 2021
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Difference Between Custom Home and Pre-Designed Home


A home which is designed specifically keeping the interests of a particular client in mind using a specialist builder and architect is called custom home. There is no pre-designed plan at all in case of a custom home. The builder goes about the construction of the home using a unique plan designed specifically for a client by the home designer or the architect. In case of a custom home, the homeowner is heavily involved during the whole project. But, that is not the case with a pre-designed home wherein the client shows very little or no involvement until the construction is complete.

In case of a pre-designed home, the builder works on many homes at once using the same plan. But, in case of a custom home, the builder concentrates only on one home at a time and moves on to another project only after the completion of that particular project. Of course, there are exceptions to this fact wherein some large custom home building firms work on several projects simultaneously because of their resources at their disposal. Even in that case, they would have different plans and designs for each home.