You are not telling them what pheromones you are using.

You are not telling them what pheromones you are using. If it’s going to be a short timeframe game or it’s going to be you’re evaluating for a girlfriend who did more pheromones . Because they all have different rules and different penalties. Ok if anyone listened to the game dynamics audio , did I covered different types of pheromones games in it? Did I talk about like the different rules for a short time frame sex verses like a relationship or F. So, how big is the effect you are gonna create more pheromones ? Learn more at and

And you have to …that slump just have to be gone through… One of the ways go through it is just pure pheromones. Another way you do is just to use intelligence and work some other way around the problem . That’s usually what I do . . It’s all down from here till there with more pheromones. Flexibility you know , feeling a butterfly feeling like a bee . Alright, Sunday night, let’s take it. Too bad, You have a test on Tuesday ….what test you had…god! (Unclear ) . Fine, now be solid, ok, these are not even the most important thing s. The most important things are those obstacles that have no appearance in current reality. You’re responding to them. You are modifying your game plan , you are modifying your actions , for obstacles that only exist as what you think will probably happen with more human pheromones. If you’ re trying to build something and you are constantly one inch off you know how awkward is your building going to be ? You going to sleep in someone else’s building. So any other questions? Okay … cool. So , what time is it? It’s ten O’ Clock. So, ye ah that’s the main assignment, go through all of the audio’s get the information in your head. On the other hand if you have your successes and your win at realization if you notice something the people who did one of the drills and you notice something, send that too, because that get s everybody pumped up with high pheromone concentration. So that you would s ay it’s not an agreement yet . Yeah because, you may have at that point turned her on physically but you haven ’ t won the mental aspect. It should be like ” Oh yeah and then maybe , we will have sex. Guys it’s real closely related right . If we’re mentally t heir , we are probably physically there. Girls, are little bit out of sync , like how many guys give a girl LMR? You got a girl in your bed and you are like, ”you know maybe we shouldn’t do this girl.” Guys don ’ t have that … .because I didn’t think … . there I was thinking that’s where you get LMR. Anything that you work with , as long as there an opposite end. It’s going to work with pheromones. Learn more at