Use Your Pheromones

Not to mention you will never worry about running out of things to say when you have such a base of knowledge to pull from I’ve lived in 5 of the 10 different geographic areas in the United States. Each area was different rom the last and each group of people was influenced to various degrees because of the area in which they lived. How Pheromone Perfume is Like Seduction: Here’s a musical metaphor applied to perfume. Pheromone perfume is said to have notes. It has a base note, middle notes, and top notes. The top notes are the most immediate things noticed about a scent. In essence they form the first impression of natural pheromones. Learn more at and

The middle notes are more substantial and are considered the heart or the meat of the fragrance. They become more pleasant over time. And the base note is the part of the scent that brings depth and unity to the theme of the perfume. Thus the base note in a scent influences the top notes and the middle notes. In much the same way a person is influenced by the area they grew up in and their “base note” will be reflective of this. Their “middle notes” will be their personality that developed from the area and interactions with others living in that place. Which leaves their “top notes” as things like fashion sense, likes, and dislikes. Exposing yourself to other areas, people, and education gives you options. Not only will you have more options, but you’ll also feel comfortable in a wider range of settings amongst many different types of women. When you feel comfortable it is easier to be seductive and enjoy yourself. For example I’m originally from the Midwest so my base note is a wholesome, down to earth note. Someone from New York City might have a base note that’s quick-witted and more aggressive. Where you’re from matters. It matters for understanding yourself and understanding others. Learning them can make you seem like less of an outsider, or if nothing else give you something interesting to talk about with her pheromones. Life Spikes: An added benefit of this is you create more life spikes. And those are? Life spikes are our experiences in life that create happiness like weddings, graduation, Vacations, the birth of a child, and so on. But damn near everyone is doing it wrong. The regular Joe has a few of these experiences, which are Very big, but spread far apart. Mistakenly he thinks the experience is the most important thing about his life spike. The pheromone experience is important, but the specifics aren’t as important has how many experiences he has. In other words: Happiness = A Sense of Purpose + Many Small Experiences More frequent, yet smaller life spikes leads to happiness. Not obsessing over big events, or material things. Okay, let’s take a looks a two X factors that can take you far in reaching your seduction goals. Expanding your horizons give you chameleon game of pheromones. Learn more at