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Travel And Discover The Very Best Andalucia Has to Offer

This last and greatest Moorish palace is one of Europe’s top sights. While the rest of Europe slumbered through much of the Middle Ages, the Moorish civilization was wide awake. The gilded altar is all about that Christian triumph: Christ triumphs over sin…and Christendom triumphs over Islam. These intimate concerts are performed in the very caves that once housed Granada’s Gypsy community.
I find this strip of Mediterranean coastline generally overbuilt and very commercialized. The one just below town retains its fishing-village charm. Add just a pinch of garlic and about a week’s-pay worth of saffron.
While Granada was the last Moorish capital, the capital through the glory days of Muslim rule was Córdoba. At its zenith, this mosque was the center of Western Islam and the heart of a cultural capital that rivaled Baghdad and Constantinople. That afternoon, the Christians set up their portable road altar and celebrated the first Mass in what would later become this glorious cathedral.


In the 10th century, when a minaret stood where the bell tower stands today, Córdoba was arguably Europe’s greatest city. Muslim Córdoba had hundreds of mosques, but most of them were destroyed. And here, as throughout Andalucía, festivals fill the calendar.
Here in Andalucía, for which more info can be found on http://www.cairotime.ca, revelry and religiosity seem to go hand-in-hand, as the same passion and energy is put into long, sober religious processions, which clog the city’s narrow streets. The finale, definitely for carnivores only, is pork from the Iberian black pig, and — what could be more Spanish? Imagine the city, paved streets, lit at night by running water, piped in lamps powered by oil laugh.
This small bullring was built by popular demand in the 1900s. The bullring was closed from 1968 and subsequently reopened in 1977. During festivals, the whole town gathers in this mystical place.
He soon found a series of religious objects and the image of the Virgin who, told him to build a chapel in the same place. Mijas still has many more museums; The Bullfighting Museum, The Historic Culture Museum, Hermitage San Sebastián, Caves of the Old Forge, Ermita Ntra. A large, comfortable and possibly the cheapest parking in Malaga because you only pay 1 € for a full day.


You’ll soon discover, however, that it’s not just the sunshine that sets a holiday in Costa del Sol apart. Offering an abundance of resorts, beaches, bars, clubs and activities, you’ll be spoilt for choice on holiday in Costa del Sol. Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, the area is renowned for its white sand beaches and tranquil waters.
The golf courses along the ‘Costa del Golf’ provide perfect relaxation after your morning’s shopping. If you prefer to turn off the beaten track, the secluded coves of El Maro aren’t to be missed, or lose yourself amongst the winding cobblestones of the Old Quarter of Marbella.
If you can bear to leave the fabulous sunshine for a couple of hours, the Museo Picasso Malaga particularly stands out from the wealth of museums in the area, or you could venture into nearby Seville for the authentic Spanish experience. Sample some mouth-watering jamón in Benalmadena before progressing into the famed 24 Hour Square to experience the thriving nightlife.
Luckily, with offering such incredible value, it won’t be long before you can go again. Spain’s Costal del Solis one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Discover the best neighbourhoods in Costa del Sol with places such as Agua Amarga, Almeria and Almunecar.

Enjoy the mountain villages of Casares and Benalmadena. You can explore and experience a lot more than you can imagine in Costa del Sol. Enjoy the ancient structures and monuments following traces of history; do not leave the city without visiting a museum or a gallery; enjoy outdoor activities on the land as well as on the sea; visit a local village for a glimpse of the traditional life.
Being closer to the proximity of the sea, Costa del Sol receives plenty of sunshine. Several hotels lower their prices, which can be a boon for you. An easy way to move around is definitely the taxi or a hired car.
Furthermore, we have 11 Travel Consultants who have personally visited Costa del Sol and can offer you their first-hand knowledge and experience. We shall be departing Toronto on April 13 for our over night flight with Air France and be arriving at the MalagaAirport, after a brief transfer in France. The last time I went to Europe, it was with Air Italia and I simply loved the flight.

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