Talking about Cost with a Custom Home Client

When a custom home builder talks to a potential client, the first question he is always asked is about the cost of constructing a custom luxury home. But the most common answer which a builder usually has to give is that he doesn’t know the exact cost. But, such an answer cannot be provided to the client. He should provide a diplomatic answer.
The cost of building a custom home would always vary. It is similar to buying a car. Different models of car would have different prices. A luxury car would definitely cost more than a normal utility car. Building a custom luxury home is akin to buying a luxury car. It is definitely going to be expensive. So, the builder must convey that message to the potential client so that he knows what to expect in terms of the cost. Of course, an estimate can be provided by the builder.
The cost of building a custom home would usually start from $500 per square foot. But, that might also vary depending on the builder. A high quality builder such as Merlin would be expensive. But, at the same time, you can expect the work to be top notch.