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She’s got the glow

A brisk walk in the fresh air will bring a healthy glow to the cheeks — but so will a good old romp in the sack. Around 30 percent of women experience visible postcoital glow. Because arousal causes an increase in blood pressure that lasts around 20 minutes after orgasm, our lips also swell and look bigger and redder (all the more reason to swap the surgeon, with a big scary collagen injection, for a boyfriend, with a big sexy erection). Her toes tell a story Bizarre but true: the little toe on the left foot turns red after you’ve just had sex — or even if you’re just thinking about it. The spacing of our toes give other clues. Our little toe represents sex, the one next to it love. Got a gap between the two? Learn more at http://lusharson8884.exteen.com/20161026/how-to-increase-semen-loads ou’re a fan of casual sex. A little toe that twists toward the fourth means you might be gay or bisexual. She looks fantastic People who enjoy regular, frequent sex tend to sport lustrous-looking hair, clear, shiny eyes, great muscle tone, and general good health, They’re also the last to catch colds, the flu, or stiffer from headaches. It’s not just our emotions that feel nurtured by sex. A happy, sexually satisfied body releases all the right hormones and endorphins to keep it looking great as well. Despite differences when flaccid, most erect penises are around the same size. (Some penises actually double in length.) Average erect size range; 5-6 inches (13—lScm). Fiaccid size range: 2-4 inches (S—l0cm). Smallest functional penis recorded on a man: ‘A inch (l.8cm). Largest functional penis recorded on a man: 1 1 inches (28cm). Average increase after penile enlargement surgery: flaccid, 3 inches (7.6cm); erect linch (2.5cm). Amount of blood in a flaccid penis: 3oz (9ml); amount in erect penis: 3002 (90ml). Around 60 percent of men in the US are circumcised, compared with an international average of 23 percent Rates of circumcision have declined in the US since a peak of 85 percent in 1980. 0 Men with large testicles are more likely to cheat on their partners and to have 30 percent more sex than men with smaller testides. (Levels of testosterone are higher in men with larger testides.) GOING UP? The average time a man can keep an erection: 40 minutes. The younger the man, the longer he can keep it up. Average speed of ejaculation: 28mph (45kph). Percentage of men who say they climax too early: 30. Average number of erections per day for a man: 7. Average number of erections that occur while he’s asleep: 5. The penis has a safety valve to ensure that a man can’t ejaculate and urinate at the same time. Only one-third of impotency cases are due to physical problems. Ninety percent are treatable. There’s more protein in an average ejaculation than a medium-sized pork chop. Choose to swallow rather than spit and you’ve provided your body with a large part of your daily dose of protein! Learn more at http://www.kiwibox.com/nicolascas/ and http://enlargement-world.blogspot.com/

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