She Loved My Pheromones

I see this beautiful blue-eyed brunette who loved the smell of my pheromones. I was looking at her, and I don’t know how to explain this, but she had like some sort of warm energy to her. It was like I could feel it 30 ft away from her. It was very pleasant. I felt that I would love to meet her. But I went inside my head, wondering “what should I say? what should I say?”. Time was running out in the evening to do 8 approaches, but I knew I would regret this 1 particular girl for a while if I didn’t do something. I walked towards her, smiled, placed my hand on her arm, and said, “Hi, I’d kick myself if I didn’t come meet you. What’s your name?” She told me her name, and then asked for mine. We talked for a bit. It was a really nice conversation. Learn more at and

You know that rapport that you feel with your bestfriends, I felt that. And you know what, she felt it too! It was very comfortable, no anxiousness at all. Just pure vibing. Turns out we were from the same city (we were 40 minutes out of town), and it also turns out that we have some mutual friends at home. It was a very gentle, warm, REAL conversation. She played with her hair quite a bit too. I’ve never experienced anything like this in a cold approach, WOW it felt incredible pheromone attraction! Her friends grabbed her hand and said, “We have to go pee”. She seemed dissapointed that she had to go with her friends. And, as they were dragging her away she said “Sorry, it looks I need to go with them.” But then I said “Wait!” and I grabbed her wrist and she broke the arm link with her friends to come close to me. I pulled out my cell phone, but her friends grabbed her again. I said, “one second”. She yelled “Facebook me!”. We did talk about our mutual friends, and she did give me her last name earlier in the conversation so this somewhat made sense, although of course I would have preferred the number. I don’t know what will happen with this girl, but I really enjoyed the time we spent together. It was very refreshing, and gave me a really warm, pleasant feeling and still does as I write this regarding pheromone usage. So after she left, I was there with my friend, and he said that he was really tired. Instantly, I grabbed a group of girls in front of us, and said “My friend is really tired, how should I wake him up?” We had a playful conversation that didn’t go anywhere. I walked around a bit more with another friend of mine. Some girl was shaking her head, so I went up to her and said “Why are you shaking your head?” Turns out she was signalling at someone, but we chatted for a couple minutes. However, like the previous conversation, it didn’t go anywhere with your pheromones. Learn more at