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Leather Bar Tape – Expensive Yet Durable

Leather is being used to design various products and bar tapes is no exception. Leather is expensive and classic. It can give a rich look to the products, leather is timeless. It is durable and is derived from natural substance hence there is no artificial tinge to it. This makes it safe on skin. The most unique feature of leather is that it breathes, therefore you can shed the fear of your hands getting wet while using a leather bar tape. Millions of bikers across the world trust leather products and so is the case of bar tapes made of leather.

People have started to use leather bar tapes instead of the old duct tapes for a variety of reasons. First and foremost the grip in leather is great. Even during wet season the bar tape can provide perfect grip which is the foremost priority of a biker. Despite using leather for years it remains good as new with proper maintenance. Leather bar tapes are sewn diagonally with a single joint in each piece. Moreover it comes in various colors and the surface is embossed for a designer appearance. Leather is cut into thin strips and using an adhesive it can be stuck onto the handlebar.

Leather is expensive when compared to other synthetic tapes and therefore is used by bikers who extensively use their bikes. The durability factor is high in leather and even when exposed to extreme weather conditions leather does not give way. Leather tapes are the most trustworthy when it comes to tough use. There are thousands of leather bar tape manufacturers across the country but not all of them are reliable. It is the responsibility of the customer to choose the right manufactures to buy their leather tape goods. The leather used, should be of authentic quality, therefore do not go for cheap replicas.

Leather tapes can help resist rusting of the handlebar, thereby giving long life to the bike. This immunity to rust has made leather the most reliable handlebar tape material. Leather has the tendency to expand and therefore it becomes easy to wrap the tape around the handlebar. Moreover leather has the advantage of being cut into strips of any size and yet it is highly durable. The sheen and glamour of leather has made it the most preferred material for years. Even in this modern age leather is liked and respected for its outstanding quality and longevity. Since it is biodegradable it does not pollute the environment.

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