KingZing Review

There are many products on the market today that are advertised to help smokers kick the habit, and for good reason. Smoking is a nasty habit that causes bad breath, leaves ashes everywhere and tends to turn off nonsmokers rapidly. The KingZing products are a great advancement in the so-called “electronic cigarette” market and have won praise from satisfied customers across the world. In just a few short years, this brand has rocketed past other solutions, not just those traditional methods of smoking cessation like nicotine gum and transdermal patches but also ahead of other e-cig products. The KINGZING Electronic Cigarette is the result of evolution in product design that makes the experience of vaporizing (or “vaping”) nicotine E Liquid much more like actual smoking so that the smoker can shift more easily from inhaling toxic fumes full of all sorts of chemicals just to get their nicotine urge met.

Just looking at the KingZing Starter Kit reveals a number of differences between these devices and the first and second generation electronic cigarettes still being made by KINGZING′s tired competition. By combining the research of their own internal design experts with the feedback from customers, KINGZING continues to refine their products. First, the pricing is fair and reasonable. People struggling to quit smoking do not need the burden of an even greater expense than their nasty habit. Instead, KINGZING products come in a variety of kits that are modular. Almost any smoker can easily afford one of these kits and with the ability to buy extra batteries and accessories, they can be confident that when the urge hits, the KingZing will work.

Great Prices AND Customer Service To Boot

One thing that is common in the fly-by-night operations that sell inferior products is the lack of customer service. Slow deliveries, poorly documented instructions and odd hours for telephone support (if any is even offered) are all things that plague many vaping companies. Using any search engine you can find complaint after complaint about batteries that do not last, odd tasting e-liquids, overpriced pre-filled cartridges and even outright theft where the ordered products never arrive. KINGZING takes customer service as seriously as any responsible company could. The company provides a number of ways to make contact for support, both before orders and as you is using the products. Online chat is available for those of us who are web-savvy and prefer communicating by instant messenger; however, telephone support is available six days per week for extended hours each day so that it is easy to get questions answered right away. The employees at KINGZING are an exceptional bunch that knows the products inside and out. Through a shipping partnership with one of the world’s largest carriers, UPS, KINGZING can get products to customers anyway very quickly.

Guaranteed or Your Money Back

When we compare the electronic cigarettes available elsewhere, there is one thing that really separates the KINGZING product lines. KINGZING stands behind their offerings with a 30-day money back guarantee. More importantly, they also give customers a lifetime warranty on all of the electronic parts so you never have to worry about getting a bad battery or a vaporizer that dies a few months after you bought it. While a guarantee does not prove a product will always work, it does assure any customer that should a rare failure occur, the product will be replaced. When dealing with electronics, how often do we see companies that make this kind of commitment to customer satisfaction?

Technically, Superior – Here’s Why

There are many vendors offering starter kits at low prices only to lock you in with recurring expensive charges for pre-loaded cartridges that simply do not last. In the few short years since e-cigs have become common, many of the companies have folded and customers are stuck with an expensive little stick that has no available supplier. With KINGZING′s products this is never a worry. The KINGZING e-cigs are not proprietary; indeed, they use interchangeable parts and allow easy refills of their cartomizers thanks to removable tips. This lets customers choose flavors from KINGZING or other vendors. If you talk to someone who has had the pleasure of getting a starter kit from KINGZING, they will likely praise the ease of use of the devices. The easy operation does not compare to the other common praise for KingZing: the “pull” from these electronic cigarettes most closely matches the sensation of smoking only without the toxic smoke and the coughs that come after.

Number One for a Reason – Summarizing the KingZing Solution

Customers swear by these affordably priced electronic cigarettes and the E Liquid refills, but that does not have to motivate a new customer. No, the 30-day money back guarantee and the lifetime warranty on the electronic components means buying into the KINGZING solution is a one-time hardware cost. The website offers several kits, extra batteries (for those long road trips), chargers, E Liquids, blank cartridges to always have a spare loaded to go and all of the traditional tobacco flavors people love. Specialty flavors are constantly being added so customers can choose a sweet taste for their nicotine. Most importantly, for people looking to leave their addiction behind, the KINGZING E-Liquid line of products offers the flavors in multiple concentrations of nicotine. A heavy smoker might begin with the more potent formula and slowly work down to a low nicotine dose. The KINGZING website and their customer support team can help someone who is unsure decide the best starter kit and E-Liquid for their needs. For any smoker looking to move away from smoke, ashes and smelly clothes, KINGZING seems to be the trustworthy company to make the transition easy and affordable.

Customers of KingZing have proven with their loyalty beyond doubt that they are happy with the company products. This is a crucial factor for the success of any product. Apart from being simple to use and giving the customer value for money, customers have found the product an excellent and safe substitute for its conventional counterpart.This smokeless option is not just safe for anyone around, but for the smoker too!

Does KingZing Have A Customer Care Service?

While buying e-cigarettes, it is important to accord top priority to the quality, but top quality is not the sole criterion. One requires a brand that is convenient in every respect and a company that is good all round. For instance, customers need ready answers to clear all doubts regarding the company and its products. They also need easy availability of refills, replaceable parts, accessories and a warranty too, if there is one. KingZing is a sure winner in all these aspects.

KingZing, unlike most e-cigarette companies, has commendable customer service, and the staff understands that there are many buyers that look for help at various levels like just before buying the KingZing, when they start using them, and other times thereafter.

What Endears KingZing’ Staff To Customers?

The members of staff of KingZing who attend to customers have good product knowledge and are geared towards answering any query from potential or regular customers. It is easy to reach them on any mode of communication and they arealways happy to give the customer a patient hearing! This brand must be the chosen one for the year as it has continually proven on all fronts that it is the best.

Why Is Buying From KINGZING Cig So Irresistible?

The reasons mentioned above are just some of the many that have made KingZing what it is today. There is an icing on the cake too, and it comes in the form of a lifetime warranty on every electronic part of the product. There is also a one-month money refund assurance for any customer who is unhappy with a purchase. Switching over from traditional cigarettesto e-cigarettes is the right move but the secret lies in choosing the right brandto take up. It is very important that the customer gets value for money and this is what KingZing provide.

How Is KINGZING Cig Rated In The Industry?

KingZing have not just done the company proud, but also the entire e-cigarette industry, due to its vast and unshakable customer base that comprises more than a million smokers. KingZing might as well be rated the Number One e-cigarette in UK.