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I use androstenone pheromones to attract women

I use androstenone pheromones to attract women. My last night in Estonia, I set up a date with Anna at the bar downstairs. She was all dolled-up in the come-to-fuck manner with heels, skirt, earrings, and careful makeup. Her emotional turmoil at losing the love of her life was going to turn out well for me because I was using androstenone pheromones. Soon I had my tongue down her throat, a handful of her ass, and I was whispering dirty talk into her ear. She was obviously horny, grabbing my click and rubbing her body against me. I told her, “Let’s go upstairs to my flat.” She followed me out the bar with no argument, allowing herself to be led and fondled along the way. Then at my front door, “No,” when I tried to take her inside. Learn more at http://infospeak.org/best-pheromones-for-sex/ and http://anatomist.info/legitimate-top-pheromones

As we approached the Bank Of England she su d denly told me that she was getting a cold or something and she didn’t feel well. But she said that she’d only be in London for a few days, and would like to see me again. I didn’t get to fuck her that day, but I did get her number.

The next day I was at the Russian Embassy applying for a visa when my phone rang. Dasha explained that she was still not feeling well but could I meet her for a coffee that afternoon. She came down to Kensington to join me in Cafe Concerto, a la-di-da cafe restaurant. I was hungry, so I ordered food while she sipped tea. Standard game advice is to be unaffected by a girl’s beauty and to thus behave as you’d normally behave. This is a way of showing your emotional control that you won’t pander to women and won’t kiss their ass, that’s attractive masculine behaviour. Sometimes you have to play the act that you’re unaffected when inside you’re jumping around with nervous energy. So, at times past, I’ve deliberately and nonchalantly eaten food on mid—afternoon first dates with stunners, to give myself a structure to support my non- reactivity. This was such a time.

Dasha sipped her tea and watched me eat as really good conversation rolled on. She was dressed up nice like she’d made a real effort but kept dabbing her nose with a tissue. Somewhere along the way things got a little weird as she started talking about having been late because she’d gone to the pharmacy to pick up some medicine for a “female problem.”

It’s very rare to see a perfect ten in London. There’s always some sixes and sevens mixed in with the Oxford Street dross and if you stay out long enough you’ll eventually find an eight who is walking solo. Nines and tens in London are unicorns. You don’t know whether to fuck them or sell them to a secret government research laboratory. As I was walking away from the Italians, pondering a McDonalds cheeseburger I felt that familiar rare prickle on the back of my neck. I can sniff a perfect ten approaching. Hmmmmmm, it’s been a while since that happened. I turned my head and instantly picked out the approaching silhouette of an intimidating-looking, tall Russian brunette. Learn more about pheromones at http://sundowndivers.org/dr-cutlers-athena-pheromones/

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