Help with Data

I’ve a 4TB computer drive. i’ve eliminated the casing and the chip, and plugged a SATA to USB connector into it. The hard disk starts for about 10 seconds, i will pay attention a repetitive sample concerning more than one clicks. it is repetitive so I presume it is trying to do some thing however some thing mechanical is preventing it from going any similarly; then whilst the gadget realises it is now not getting besides, it powers off. I discovered that this problem I have is similar to the ones described on as my Mac detects a tool, however i suspect that is the boot power on the HD because the volume is only 4gb, and it’s no longer initialized. there is approximately 1TB of facts stored on it – simply pictures. We need them recovering please, could you please offer a quote, and whether or not i’d want to offer an empty hard disk for the statistics to be recovered onto? Aside from using the Disk application on Mac, i have additionally attempted to get right of entry to the drive thru Ubuntu, and DiskWarrior. Neither paintings. The difficult force does no longer spin, aside from for the initial 10 or 15 seconds or so. The make of the tough disk is Seagate: Backup Plus (4TB) – it’s a 2.5″ SATA. i have taken the case enclosing off it already.

Once I connect my hard disk to my mac computer the blue light flashes continuously and you could hear it making a sound however, the laptop no longer recognises it. i’ve plugged in into any other laptop and a computer and the equal thing takes place. I also attempted restarting my computer and so on. It did drop out from my mac computing device and has been like this since. determined to get better all statistics in this hard disk. could i’ve a touch extra information for your pricing and what’s worried.