BLU makes Good Cheap Smartphones


Blu products which is specially known for making lower priced smartphones has some really good phone models to its name. It mainly makes Android smartphones but the Blu management is keen on releasing Windows smartphones. But the problem is that they too don’t know when they are actually going to do that. Windows phones aside, Blu has been releasing a new android phone on a highly regular basis much to the delight of Android fans. But Windows fans would definitely love to Blu release Windows phones since Blu phones are cheap. They are perfect for people who can’t afford expensive smartphones and good enough as second or third phones for people who can afford.

Most of the customer reviews online about Blu smartphones have good things to say about the durability of their products. This is really good for budget smartphones. Of course, they won’t be waterproof like some of the high-end smartphones and you would be stupid to expect that. However, you can expect all basic smartphone features to be present in cheap Blu smartphones.