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Balanced diet

For balanced diet or eating habits is a correct balanced both in terms of quantity and quality.

The balanced diet aims to ensure an adequate intake of energy and nutrients, preventing nutritional deficiencies that excesses both (both damaging).

Importance of a varied diet

To be balanced feed must also be varied. In this way, in fact, is more likely to be employed in the right quantities all the nutrients that the body needs. Also, are minimized the negative consequences resulting from the ingestion of potentially harmful substances that may be present from the outset or form following the processing, storage and cooking food.

Old food pyramid

At the beginning of the 90 ‘s in the United States was spread the so-called food pyramid, with the aim of providing a simple guide in choosing the food and just the right portions. The foods present at the base of the polygon were those to be consumed in greater quantity and gradually as you went up to the apex of the pyramid, it was necessary to decrease the intake of various foods shown in figure.

The pyramid was built to spread the US population a message short but incisive: fats are bad and complex carbohydrates are good. The transmission of a signal of this type was essential to reduce the presence of fat in the American diet.

Balanced food pyramid

The invitation to reduce fat intake comes from the observation that in Western countries the consumption of abundant lipids were complemented with a high incidence of cardiovascular disease.

Subsequently numerous scientific evidence showed that this correlation is only valid if you consume an excess of saturated fats. In contrast, omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce levels of triglycerides and as such have an antithrombotic action. In addition, monounsaturated fatty acids (such as oleic acid found mainly in olive oil) LDL-cholesterol levels lower, without affecting those of cholesterol-HDL.

We must also bear in mind that not all carbohydrates are good. For example, the refined grains (white bread, rice) cause blood sugar rises faster than those integrals (have a higher glycemic index). In addition, the refining process depletes the precious cargo of fibre, vitamins and minerals contained in foods.

In the old food pyramid does not also distinction between different sources of protein; Today, we know that it is well favour the consumption of white meat and fish, because the poorest of unsaturated fats, more digestible and, with regard to fish specialities, rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Conversely, you have to limit your intake of red meat, eggs and dairy products.

Finally, the nuts must be present, albeit in limited quantities, in the daily diet. These foods are indeed precious, because rich in vitamin E and good fats. Unfortunately the dried fruit is extremely some moderation it must be consumed with caloric (10-20 g per day).

The new pyramid for balanced nutrition

Based on these criticisms, was spread a new food pyramid, best weight loss pills for women whose base is stresses the importance of daily physical activity, proper hydration and weight control.

Diet and balanced nutrition

The guidelines of the new pyramid for healthy eating, encourage the consumption of healthy fats (moderate) and whole grains. Instead, it discouraged consumption of refined carbohydrates and red meat. These dietary recommendations have been drawn up on the basis of epidemiological studies, which have found that eating in this way reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Constant exercise and maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the incidence of many cancers.

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