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If you still have a copy of the T & Cs then that’s a good start. It should clearly state the relevant UAE legislation that applies.

Did you know that you can get money for your car, while still retaining its use? If you have a car of considerable value, this might be a nice way of obtaining a loan sum. All you need to do is hand your logbook documentation to a loan provider. However, when times are tight we imagine looking after and maintaining a classic, vintage or luxury car may not be top of your priorities. You can take the logbook loan one step further and actually store your car with a loan provider for a short, 6-month period. This allows you to focus on your finances, safe in the knowledge that once the repayments are made, you can have your vehicle returned to you. Borro offer this service as a secured loan, and charge far far lower rates than logbook loans – just see our Logbook Loans Q&As for more.

Yeah, I agree. I thought about this a little longer, and I find it hard to believe that someone could go to jail for private debt. Just make sure you keep up on your taxes and then go wherever the money is. If it’s here, stay here. If it’s abroad, go there. There’s also nothing to stop you from staying overseas permanently. You can certainly pay U.S. debts from abroad and maintain a U.S. credit rating – just in case you want to move back someday or want credit for U.S. assets.

Together with the Gauteng Partnership Fund, TUHF, has set up the Intuthuko Equity Fund (IEF).It provides equity to assist in the financial leverage of projects. It helps previously disadvantaged South Africans in selected occupations and lower income groups enter into the residential market. The fund acts as a partner, helping the entrepreneur by contributing to the deposit or equity requirements necessary for loan approval from TUHF.

Although capital was not the focus of the earnings announcement, ANZ has made clear its intention of assets sales (i.e Esanda, minority stakes in Indonesia’s Panin Bank, Malaysia’s AMMB, and China’s Shanghai Rural and Commercial Bank and Bank of Tianjin) in previous weeks. ANZ’s capital ratios are adequate based on current regulatory requirements.  The common equity tier 1 ratio (CET1) crept lower over the half to 8.72% (down from 8.79%).  This was a result of an increase in risk weighted assets (and movements in currency) rather than any lack of organic capital generation.

The second place is taken by Bank of Hawaii. This bank stays conservative and keeps its strategy. It’s the best banks concerning equity returns within last year. Other banks of TOP-5 are SVB Financial Group, Bank United and State Street. As for four biggest banks they are not so successful anymore so their performance within last year can be called quite weak. Like this we can find Citigroup under #64, JP Morgan under #73, Wells Fargo at under #82 and Bank of America under #88. It’s worth noticing that Wells Fargo is still the most profitable bank of the biggest banking institutions in the US.

Arauco accounted for about 60% of Empresas Copec’s EBITDA during the LTM ended June 30, 2015. Arauco has decreased its debt levels and gradually improved its credit metrics after leveraging acquisitions in the panels business during 2012. As of June 30 2015, Arauco’s net debt/EBITDA ratio was 3.3x. This figure compares with USD4.6 billion of total debt, which included USD575 million of debt at its Montes del Plata pulp joint venture. Arauco’s EBITDA should grow to about USD1.35 billion during 2015 from USD1.225 billion in 2014 and its net leverage should fall to below 3.0x, as the company will enjoy a year’s production from Montes del Plata. This new pulp mill is capable of producing 1.3 million tons per year of hardwood pulp, of which 50% belongs to Arauco.